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Full Colored Digital Drawing (With background)
Hello There... ( REMAKE ) by SparkyChan23
Icy Isolation by SparkyChan23
From the Outside by SparkyChan23
Mossie by SparkyChan23

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Awesome art here! I was inspired by other people or art I just made for fun. Feel free to look through and leave a comment or two.

Please no negative comments or hate though. Go do that somewhere else............




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Happy Birthday Star! by SparkyChan23
Happy Birthday Star!
Happy birthday Star~! While I'm writing this I should say a few things. Thank you so much, you done quiet a lot of things for me in the last 2 years since we met when I was a member for a few months. We done a lot of things with the OCs which turned out awesome! If you didn't met me, some characters wouldn't exist now! You're one of my most special friends here in Deviantart! Once again, thank you, for the art, for the RPs, for lots of things. Have a wonderful birthday!

The Forgotten Doll: Chpt. 5: Home by SparkyChan23
The Forgotten Doll: Chpt. 5: Home
Yes!!! It's finally done! Does anyone know how to post a document in here? Because I'm having trouble with it. 

Stitches woke up two days later. The first thing he did was take in a deep breath of air. He could breathe normally again. When he looked up at the area around him, his ears perked up in surprise. He had been too distracted by his breathing to notice. Instead of the forest, he was what look like to be a living room of a house. It had the usual furniture of a couch, which he was lying on, a table, a few pictures of people on the walls, and a TV.

“Wow…,” Stitches thought, instead of the question: How did I get here? Just then a scent tickled his nose and made him sneeze. It smelled warm, salty, and delicious.  The sound of foots steps were heard and Stitches turned to face a person.

This person looked nothing like any person he’d seen before. The person’s body wore a black and blue shirt and a collar with a bell. Her face, arms, and legs were covered in short yellow fur. She had long yellow ears with white colored tips. The fur on her hands and feet are black. Half of her face was covered by a long tuff of yellow and black hair. Her eyes were blue. She smiled as she saw me.

“Oh thank goodness, you’re awake,” She said, a hint of relief in her tone. In her hands was a tray. On top of it was a small bowl of water, a folded napkin, and a bowl of soup. She walked over and placed the tray on the table. The person sat next to Stitches. She stared at him with silence for a few moments, before talking again.

“How are you feeling? How’s your breathing?” She asked.

“My breathing’s fine.” Stitches replied, shuddering as he remembered choking on his own stuffing from his torn neck. The person grabbed a mirror from the table and angled it, so he could see the back of his neck. The hole had sealed with a dark gray patch.

“I saw the wound.” The person said, “I quickly patched it up before you had stopped breathing completely.”

“Oh.” Stitches said.

The person placed the mirror back on the table and grabbed the tray. She placed it front of the cat, safe from the edges of the couch. Stitches bend over and sniffed the soup, licked it and immediately started eating it. After the soup, he went to bowl of water and started to drink the water.

The person watched him finish eating and took the napkin and cleaned the cat’s face.

“You must had been very hungry.” She said.

“You have no idea…”



The person gave a slightly confused expression, but said, “My name is Sparky. Sorry for not telling you at first.”

“The name’s Stitches.” He replied.

“Well Stitches,” Sparky began, “How did you get into the forest? How did you get that ragged wound on your throat? Do you have an owner?”

Stitches was surprised at the number of questions. He just met this person and now she wants to hear his story? It may be best to do so, in return for the food and care. He told everything, from his abandonment, to his owner’s murder, to the fight with the dog, then now.

Sparky stared at him. There were a’ mixture of emotions on her face: Sympathy, shock, and sadness.

“Wow…” was all she said. Both were quiet as she took it in.

Stitches began to feel uncomfortable with the silent tension, so he broke the silence, “You’re scared of me, are you?”

“No.” Sparky said, surprisingly calm.

Stitches stared at her with wide eyes.

“You’re not?” He asked.

Sparky shook her head. “Nah. I think I can understand what you been through. I think you should stop running away now.”

Stitches smiled, then rethought her sentence.

“Wait what do you mean by ‘stop running away now’?” He asked.

Sparky smiled at him as she said, “I want you to stay here at my household!”

Stitches stared with shock about the invitation. Joy and relief over him.

There was no need for yes or no question, Stitches’ big smile gave Sparky the answer.

“That’s great!” She said and walked towards the stair case. “There’s an open room up there. That can be yours.

Stitches nodded in thanks and went up the stairs. In his room and bed, Stitches laid quietly. An old feeling came back to him. A feeling he’d thought he will never feel again. The feeling of security and warmth. He smiled and closed his eyes and fell asleep. It was the feeling of being home once again.

All the characters and  the story line is Mine!!

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Hey there! I see you found your way to my page! I'm Sparky, but I also like to be called SparkyChan or Spark. Don't be nervous to talk to me, I won't shock or bite ya~! XD Anyway, there are a ton of things I like and dislike. I like Pokemon, Markiplier, Yamimash, Pewdiepie, Raedwolfgame, creepypasta, OFF, Dubsteps ( Any kind) , Glitchhop (Any kind ), Hollywood Undead, Three Days Grace, Evanscence, Skydoesminecraft, Skrillex, sweets, Warriors, Survivors, Memes and more! The things I hate are jumpscares, haters, stealers, Trolls, bullies, seeing my friends in sadness or are leaving DA and Homework ( Especially math )

Facts about Me:
- Is a pokemon fanatic ( Major pikachu fan )

- Can voice my OCs very well

- Will be completely random at times

- I am part of some awesome clubs!!

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